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Our Design Process

PoolDrs uses advanced 3D software to provide customers with the most realistic and versatile design experience.

We guarantee that our design process will help you visualize the pool of your dreams!

Our team will start by getting to know the layout of your backyard and discuss what accommodations may need to be made no matter how difficult.

After this we make it a priority to get to know your personal taste and wishes through helpful tools such as a questionnaire that is easily accessible and even easier to navigate.

Another useful step is exchanging inspiration pictures and even creating a mood board of images that can be used as references and closely resemble the backyard you aspire to create. This includes colors, shapes, and materials that will be used.

Start getting excited! Once the details are set in stone, we will continue the journey by translating your vision onto a computer software. Upon completion, you will be given 3D pictures of the design and your dream pool can finally be displayed using a simulated 3-D environment.

After specifications are arranged and the design is finalized, our team will arrange construction... but, we know that you are on the age of your seat and can not wait for your pool to be completed, so in the mean time, we will send you a 3D video of your design! This video will show your pool from different angles, time of day, and even take you for a virtual swim!