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Why Charlotte, NC Fiberglass Pools Are The Perfect Choice For Homeowners

Spring is coming in Charlotte, NC, and many homeowners are considering turning their gardens into an oasis by installing a swimming pool. When designing a pool, there are many options, and one of these is a fiberglass pool.

This material is becoming the favored choice for homeowners who want fast installation and lower long-term maintenance. Let's look at why fiberglass makes sense.


Why Should You Choose Charlotte, NC Fiberglass Pools For Your Home?


More Charlotte, NC homeowners are looking forward to spring and the option of installing a swimming pool for what will be a sweltering summer season. Here are some reasons why fiberglass is becoming the go-to option for many.


Fast install

The installation process for a fiberglass pool will possibly be fast since the structure comes in one piece. When the manufacturers produce the shell, it can be set within roughly a week. Weather is also not as much of an issue with this material, as it's not vulnerable to extreme temperature changes or rainfall.



Fiberglass is also more durable, less likely to puncture than a vinyl pool or cause other damage, and is a stronger material. This means long-term maintenance is minimal, and you save on costs over its lifespan.

Not only that, but the surface is less porous and smooth. This prevents the potential for algae, a common issue with other materials with crevices.

In reports, fiberglass owners indicate spending minimal weekly time maintaining and cleaning and have low long-term maintenance.


The liner

A fiberglass pool does not have a liner, unlike vinyl pool material. Replacing or resurfacing is common with concrete and can be an extensive expense that fiberglass owners are thrilled to avoid.


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A swimming pool is an upfront investment that will offer returns over the long term. However, you must maintain that investment to protect it, which can add to the cost. The initial investment can be higher with a fiberglass pool, but the long-term maintenance costs are minimal.

As your pool contractor, we help you decide which swimming pool will meet your needs and budget. Contact our experts for your Charlotte, NC, home and we'll prepare you for spring.