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So, You Want a Spa

Have you always wanted a spa or hot tub but just aren’t sure how to go about it with a fiberglass pool? Well not only is it doable, but you have multiple options. Read on for the advantages and disadvantages of each.


Part of the Pool Footprint

One option is to have the spa included as a part of the main pool shell.



Since these spas are already included in the main shell, they require fewer materials. This makes them less expensive and provides for faster installation.



Since they are a part of the main pool’s footprint, these spas are usually small and don’t accommodate groups or individuals who need a little more room. It also means that the spa uses up some of the main pool’s swimming space.

Additionally, you may encounter issues with the plumbing. Due to the confined space, the number of jets you can include might be limited and you may have trouble with future repair access.


Separate Shell

The other option is to do a separate shell for your spa or hot tub.



This type of spa is cosmetically more attractive. It aerates the water by spilling into the pool itself, creating a soothing waterfall effect for everyone to enjoy. This type of spa is also safer to enter and exit.



Due to the materials needed, separate spas are more expensive to build. They also require a lengthier installation since you must wait for the deck to cure before you can do the spa surrounding it.

Additionally, if the spa is not properly maintained you may experience unsightly chemical stains over time due to the water splashback.


The Gist

While you do have options, separate-shell spas are by far the most popular; for every one spa included as a part of the main pool shell, PoolDrs does ten separate-shell spas. Most customers find that the extra room and superior aesthetics make for a more enjoyable pool experience. But no matter which way you choose, including a spa is a great way to add a little something extra to your backyard oasis.


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