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Pros and Cons of Charlotte, NC Fiberglass Pools

When looking at installing fiberglass pools in Charlotte, NC, it’s important to know all the details. What are the best and worst parts of these pools and how will that affect your experience? At the Pool Drs, we're experts on the ins and outs of fiberglass pools so we've put together this guide to the pros and cons of fiberglass pools.


Pros of Fiberglass Pools in Charlotte, NC

Durable and Flexible

Fiberglass pools are durable structurally and on the surface. The fiberglass lasts a long time, from the shell to the lining.

Low Maintenance

They repel algae much better than concrete or gunite pools, leading to less cleaning and upkeep.

Smooth and Soft on Skin

The gel coating on fiberglass pools is much easier on the skin, keeping swimmers from getting scraped hands and knees.

Charlotte, NC Fiberglass Pools are Affordable

Fiberglass pools are more affordable in the long run, requiring less resurfacing and maintenance.

Fast Installation

They are some of the fastest to install, taking an average of 2-6 weeks to install, compared to concrete, or gunite, which can easily take months.

Compatible with Saltwater Systems

Saltwater pool systems work best in fiberglass pools because the fiberglass is more compatible with saltwater than concrete is.


They come in a variety of colors, shapes and sizes. So, with the right company you can tailor your pool to your exact needs.


Cons of Fiberglass Pools in Charlotte, NC

Repair Limitations

When repairing fiberglass pools, repairing can be a tedious process. Repairs can also have a hard time matching finish coloring, making it hard to create a seamless repair.

More Water Maintenance

The gel coating on fiberglass pools interacts differently with the water within your swimming pool. This means that the water must be watched, tested closely, and treated with chemicals to correct any issues.

Requires Maintenance and Resealing

Although fiberglass pools are a long-term purchase, eventually, they will need repair and maintenance about 10 years down the road.

Fiberglass Pools in Charlotte, NC

Getting one of these pools is a great way to have a pool installed on a shorter timeline, ready to go for the warm summer months. For more information on why a fiberglass pool in Charlotte, NC is the perfect addition to your home visit our website.