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Custom Pool Design with an Experienced Charlotte, NC Pool Contractor

For those seeking the ultimate option when it comes to their pool, they should consider a custom pool

design from a Charlotte, NC pool contractor. A custom design allows homeowners to go beyond a

standard pool that may only sometimes work in the backyard. Instead, they can build a pool

synchronized with the flow in the rest of the home.


While you might have an idea of which direction to take, not every swimming pool contractor can do

custom pools. Make sure you are working with a contractor whose prior experience and expertise can

help make your vision a reality and who will ensure a streamlined process.


The Proper Steps a Charlotte, NC Pool Contractor Should Take


Comprehensive Consultation

It all starts with a clear discussion of what can be done, what resources will be necessary to achieve your

vision, and what the process will look like. Options like infinity pools, natural pools, and even geometric

pools are discussed.


Holistic Design

The next step is to create visuals and 3D models, so it looks just as you imagined. All measurements will

be taken during this step and once the design is completely approved, we can proceed with getting the

permits necessary from your local city or county.



Finally, it’s all about building the pool exactly as has been discussed and designed. Working with

professionals mean custom pools can take as little as a few weeks, depending on the complexity of the

design and any issues that may arise.


Working with the Right Charlotte, NC Pool Contractor


We're here as your Charlotte, NC swimming pool contractor focused on building the pool of your

dreams. We know what it takes to go fully custom and will make it exactly as you had it in mind. Reach out to us when you’re ready to take that first step.